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Table of contents:

1) Company Activities;
2) Company History;
3) Company Milestones;
4) Anime Movies Theatrical Box Office (released with Reanimedia Russian dubs);
5) Dubbing Studio;
6) Sponsorship Program;
7) Official Online Store;
8) Reanimedia in Social Networks;
9) Contacts.

1) Company Activities.

— Book publishing (Manga and light novels);
— Production of Russian-language versions of Japanese animated films (since 2012, most of the anime films that appeared on the screens of Russian cinemas are localized by Reanimedia);
— Theatrical distribution of Japanese animation in Russia;
— Organization and support of anime-themed festivals in Russia and CIS countries;
— Blu-ray and DVD publishing (Japanese animated series and movies);
— Anime content broadcasting on state-wide TV channels.

2) Company History.


The initiatives of the founders of Reanimedia stand at the very foundation of the Russian anime movement, which began in 1996 with the various anime club activities. In 2000, with the support of the Embassy of Japan, they held Russia's first anime festival with full-scale theatrical anime screenings in Voronezh which was held annually since then (having moved to an online format due to pandemic restrictions in 2020 and 2021). In 2003 it also became the first large-scale cosplay event in Russia which helped launching the nationwide cosplay movement. In 2008 the same people helped to develop a massive Ukrainian anime movement by holding the first All-Ukrainian anime festival in Kiev.

Our work was not limited to fan and festival activities, because our main task was not only to promote, but also to bring anime and modern Japanese culture to Russia. The anime publishing company "XL Media" was established in 2005 by the same founders, and then in 2007 the company took its final form named "Reanimedia" to be involved in theatrical anime showings, TV showings and also releasing collector's editions on Blu-ray and DVD. We set ourselves the task of making Russian editions of anime such that we would not be ashamed to show to authors in Japan.

We consider the establishment of the dubbing studio under the direction of Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Filchenko to be our main achievement. To make our viewers approach the same emotions as the viewers in Japan, we since have relied on dubbing with the highest quality standards.

We gave Russian viewers an opportunity to immerse in the works of famous Japanese auteurs like Makoto Shinkai and Mamoru Hosoda. Makoto Shinkai came to Moscow in 2013 at our invitation for the international premiere of his film "The Garden of Words". We have worked on all of the films of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki and the famous Studio Ghibli. Our work on the TV series like "Gurren-Lagann," "Spice and Wolf" and "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" has since considered “classics” earning the recognition of millions of viewers. "Evangelion", "Berserk" and "Naruto" movies spoke in Russian in a mature way, to the high standards of dramatic theater and cinema.

From the very beginning of our business development we planned to publish manga (Japanese comics) and “Ranobe”, or Light novels (Japanese novels with anime-style illustrations). In 2015, we released the first light novel (translated from Japanese) in Russia: Makoto Shinkai's “Five Centimeters per Second” novel. In 2019, we began publishing manga titles together with AST, Russia's largest book publisher, ranked number 38 in the world ranking.

For more than twenty years we have been "lighting up" everyone around us with our love for Japanese culture. And after decades we can say that our efforts have not been in vain. We have raised a whole generation of people who fell in love with anime and Japanese culture. We strongly believe that our devotion is evident in everything that we make.


3) Company Milestones.

— 1996: the first anime club in Russia, R.An.Ma, starts with active participation from the future key staff of Reanimedia;
— 2000: the first anime festival in Russia (All-Russian Festival of Japanese Animation in Voronezh) held by the future key staff of Reanimedia (still held annually);
— 2003: the first full-scale “cosplay show” event in Russia;
— 2005: creation of the dubbing recording and mixing studio in Voronezh;
— 2005: first DVD of XL Media released (produced by future Reanimedia team);
— 2005: first thematic festival discussion panels devoted to anime in Russia;
— 2006: first audience meeting with the director and actors of Russian dub;
— 2007: first DVD produced and released by Reanimedia;
— 2007: first large-scale cosplayer parade in Russia;
— 2008: several song performances in Russian anime dub of “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” gives rise to a grandiose wave of fan-made cover versions in Russia;
— 2008-2009: two all-Ukrainian anime festivals in Kiev organized by Reanimedia produces a powerful start to the development of anime movement in Ukraine and the organization of several dozen regional anime festivals;
— 2009: start of collaboration with J-Fest in Moscow and other festivals on bringing thematical theatrical content to Russian viewers;
— 2009: the largest parade of cosplayers got into the book of records of Russia;
— 2011-2013: "Reanifest" — first theatrical anime roadshow festival in more than 50 cities in Russia and CIS countries;
— 2011: one of the first successful crowdfunding projects in Russia to support Russian theatrical and disc releases of "Children Who Chase Lost Voices" movie (directed by Makoto Shinkai);
— 2012: our second, much publicized, crowdfunding project to support the release of four movies: "Wolf Children ", "Summer Wars", "Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0/2.22" and "Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0/3.33";
— 2012: first Blu-ray produced and released by Reanimedia;
— 2012: several anime series shown on widely available federal terrestrial TV channel;
— 2013-2021: ten-episode documentary series “Otaku na Video” (referencing famous Japanese “Otaku no Video” mockumentary series) produced by Reanimedia;
— 2013: European premiere of "Garden of Words" in Moscow attended by the film director, Makoto Shinkai;
— 2015: first Russian edition of light novel published by Reanimedia;
— 2019: first manga released by Reanimedia;
— 2020: first anime festival held online.

4) Anime Movies Theatrical Box Office (released with Reanimedia Russian dubs).

— 2014 collaboration on Russian theatrical release of “The Wind Rises” directed by Hayao Miyazaki (box office: 31 million rubles);
— 2015 collaboration on Russian theatrical release of “The Last: Naruto the Movie” (box office: 26 million rubles);
— 2018 collaboration on Russian theatrical release of “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” (box office: 15 million rubles);
— 2019 collaboration on Russian theatrical release of “Weathering wih You” (box office: 39 million rubles);
— 2019 collaboration on Russian theatrical re-release of “Howl's Moving Castle” (box office: 14 million rubles);
— 2021 collaboration on Russian theatrical release of “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish” (box office: 11 million rubles).

See the complete list here. (in Russian)

5) Dubbing Studio.

— Fully owned production facility (recording and mixing studio) for theatrical-quality dubbing;
— Employs top-profile specialists on video and sound;
— Industry-renowned authoring and mastering for DVD and Blu-ray;
— DCP mastering and replication suites for theatrical movie distribution;
— Full in-house editorial/production cycle: translation from the Japanese language, ADR and subtitle text adaptations, Russian version recording and multichannel mixing;
— The studio is supervised by Alexander Filchenko, Honored Artist of Russia;
— Using local and remote talent, some dubbing projects employ up to 50 voice actors;
— The talent pool consists of about 300 actors of theater and cinema, including 27 Honored artists of Russia;
— Many Russian premieres were accompanied by well-attended creative meetings with the director and voice actors of the Russian version;
— Dubbing director and actors participating in prominent meetings as honored guests at anime festivals in many cities of Russia.

See the complete list of works of Reanimedia dubbing studio here.

Titles dubbed by Reanimedia available in legal online movie theaters. (in Russian)


6) Sponsorship Program.

Sponsorship Program. (in Russian)

7) Official online store.


Only at Store.otaku.ru you can find exclusive extras for our books and videos. Special limited edition covers, posters, postcards, bookmarks, box sets and more. We also have a bonus program for regular customers. Keep an eye out for special offers!.

8) Reanimedia in Social Networks.

Our official VKontakte group.(in Russian)
Our official YouTube channel. (in Russian)
Our official Telegram-channel. (in Russian)

9) Contact.

Reanimedia LTD.
Russia, Voronezh.
E-mail: company@reanimedia.ru
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